• WELCOME to The Triple Helix at the university of chicago.

    Scientia Division

    A biannual print publication that showcases original scientific research conducted by undergraduates and celebrates UChicago's research community. UChicago is the only chapter to have a Scientia branch.

    Science in Society Review (SISR) Division

    A biannual print publication that analyzes the intersection between society and science. SISR also conducts cross-chapter collaborations with other universities to produce new content.

    Electronic Publication (E-Pub) Division

    An electronic publication that provides a platform for students to explore topics of interest that are science-related. The range of topics for content are much broader than the two print publication divisions, providing more freedom for student writers.

    Production and Media Team

    Designs the layouts for the print publications of The Triple Helix (Scientia and SISR). The team also performs graphic design to generate promotional material. Webmaster updates and manages our website.

    Events Team

    Administers quarterly events that engage with the broader UChicago undergraduate community, ranging from speaker seminars to release parties to writer workshops. Markets events to the campus community.

  • Announcements from the Triple HELIX.

    Stay up-to-date on recruitment, content releases, and events here.

    Fall Recruitment

    The Triple Helix at UChicago is currently recruiting across all divisions! We are looking for writers, editors, a webmaster, and an events coordinator. Please see below or click on 'Applications' for more information!


    The powerpoint containing all recruitment information can be found here.



    Have a Wonderful Summer!

    Our Big Pharma x Medicaid Talk + Release Party was a hit!


    Thank you to everyone who attended our events this past year, or contributed to any of our publications involving Scientia, SISR, or E-Pub. For people interested in engaging with our organization next year, fear not! The coming academic year will have many opportunities for people to participate.


    Until then...enjoy summer break!



  • Applications

    TTH at UChicago is recruiting in all divisions this fall.

    Applications are all due on or before Wednesday, October 11th.


    The powerpoint containing all recruitment information can be found here.


    Recruiting for Writers, Associate Editors, and Photo Submissions

    Science in Society Review

    Recruiting for Writers, Associate Editors, and Managing Editors.


    Recruiting for Writers, Associate Editors, and Managing Editors.

    Writer: https://goo.gl/F6ZvYB

    Associate Editor: https://goo.gl/bYa6Z8

    Managing Editor: https://goo.gl/qq7A51


    Some experience preferred.


    Help coordinate and market our events - opportunities to meet professors and reach out to the campus community.

  • Upcoming Events from the triple helix

    Exciting times ahead.

    Fall Social and Recruitment Session

    Date: Tuesday, October 3rd

    Time: 6 -7 PM

    Room: Stuart 105


    The Triple Helix is recruiting across all divisions this fall! Come to our social and recruitment event to learn more about our chapter and available positions.

    Food will be provided.


    Gravitational Waves: A Discussion with Daniel Holz

    Date: Tuesday, February 28th

    Time: 5:30 -7:00 PM

    Room: BSLC 109


    One year ago, LIGO first detected gravitational waves. What led to its discovery? What has happened since then? Join The Triple Helix for a discussion with astrophysics professor Daniel Holz!

    Food will be provided.


  • The Triple Helix Events

    Mission Statement: The Triple Helix Events Team seeks to support the mission of The Triple Helix by increasing the visibility of the organization through the planning and administration of popular, high-quality events. The Events Team may also perform collaborations with the publishing divisions of The Triple Helix.

    Speaker Seminars

    The most common event that we administer are speaker seminars, in which we invite a distinguished academic to present on a highly relevant scientific-related topic, such as emerging disease epidemics or the controversy of GMO food.

    Release Parties

    To officially unveil new editions of Scientia or SISR, we administer release parties for the print publication divisions of The Triple Helix to advertise and distribute the new journals. Food, music, and socializing are mainstays at these events.

    Writer Workshops

    We may also run events for the internal organization in which we invite professional science writers to work with The Triple Helix writers. The goal is to improve the quality of the journals and to help students explore careers in science writing.

  • About scientia

    Mission Statement: Scientia aims to celebrate the vibrant University of Chicago research community through the biannual print publication of original undergraduate research, as well as inquiries into the University’s principal investigators. The journal seeks to feature material from a wide variety of fields within the physical and life sciences for the purpose of promoting and preparing undergraduates aspiring to become future scientists and writers.


    Students report on their own original research in the same format as official academic papers (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion). Full-lengths are one of two article types present in every Scientia issue.


    Inquiries are profile articles written about a specific faculty member based off of an one-on-one interview with the student writer. This article type is the second of two article types consistent in every issue.

    Works in Progress

    A new addition to Scientia, Works in Progress submissions are an opportunity for students to introduce research projects that they are currently working on. Results on the research are not required for this article type.


    Students may submit abstracts on their completed research projects. We mainly work in collaboration with the Annual UChicago Undergraduate Research Symposium and Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium for presenting abstracts.


    Depending on the issue and cycle, we may host photo submission opportunities for students. The photos should be related to science in some fashion, ranging from nature photography to pictures taken in research laboratories.

  • New!

    Scientia Spring Edition 2017

  • About Science in Society Review

    Mission Statement: SISR takes a multidisciplinary approach to scientific issues focusing on the implications of scientific advancement on society. Articles take on unique subject matters that discuss a common theme of how science, society, and law interact in the world.

  • The Triple Helix UChicago Archives

    A stroll through memory lane.

  • General leadership

    President & Vice President

    Salman Arif


    Salman is a fourth year in the college majoring in economics and minoring in computer science. Salman began working with The Triple Helix during his first year as an E-Pub writer and Scientia associate editor. He then became TTH Vice President and finally chapter President during his third year. Salman plans to go into consulting after graduation.

    Nilanjana Ray

    Vice President

    Nila Ray is a third year pre-med student from Arkansas pursuing a double major in Psychology and Biological Sciences. She joined TTH during the Spring quarter of her first year as Managing Editor of Scientia. Nila has also served as an E-Pub writer and Director of Marketing. She is also involved with MEDLIFE, Women in Business, and research in the IME on campus.

  • Scientia leadership

    Editors-in-Chief & Managing Editors

    Jeremy Chang


    Jeremy first began working with The Triple Helix as an E-Pub writer in the Winter Quarter of his first year. He then worked as a Scientia writer, Scientia associate editor, and E-Pub associate editor before becoming co-Editor-in-Chief of Scientia. Jeremy hopes to become a physician-scientist in the future.

    Clara Sava-Segal


    Clara is a fourth year in the college studying psychology and biology. She started working for TTH as an Associate Editor for Scientia and writer for E-pub before becoming one of the Co-Editors in Chief of Scientia. She plans to pursue neuroscience research with a focus on early childhood brain development and the mechanisms behind learning and memory.

    Zainab Aziz

    Managing Editor

    Zainab is a third year in the college majoring in chemistry.

    Nikita Mehta

    Managing Editor

    Nikita is a third year in the college.

    Quang Tran

    Managing Editor

    Quang is a fourth year in the college majoring in physics.

  • Science in society review (SISR) leadership


    Aya Nimer


    Aya Nimer is a third year in the college majoring in sociology. She joined The Triple Helix as an editor for Science in Society Review (SISR) the fall of her first year. She now currently Editor-in-Chief where she works on publishing a biannual collection of students' writings. Outside of The Triple Helix, she is involved in The Trott Business Program, Pi Beta Phi, and Women in Business.

  • E-pub Leadership

    Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

    Isabella Pan


    Isabella is a fourth year student in the college, majoring in Comparative Human Development.

  • Events Team

    Director and Coordinators

    Peter Ryffel


    Peter is a third year in the college majoring in chemistry.

    Franklin Rodriguez


    Franklin is a fourth year in the college majoring in sociology.

  • Production Team

    Scientia & SISR Directors

    Helena Zhang

    Scientia Director

    Helena is a fourth year in the College studying Biological Sciences. She first joined The Triple Helix as a Scientia Associate Editor in the Fall Quarter of her first year before becoming the Production Director of Scientia. She intends to go into pharmaceutical consulting and/or get a PhD.

    Ariel Goldszmidt

    SISR Director

    Ariel is a third year undergraduate student studying mathematics and economics. He joined The Triple Helix in the winter of his first year, and became Director of Production for Science in Society Review the following spring. Outside of TTH, he is involved with various economic research RSOs, and works remotely as a business intelligence developer for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

  • Marketing


    Nilanjay Ray

    Marketing Director

    Nila Ray is a third year pre-med student from Arkansas pursuing a double major in Psychology and Biological Sciences. She joined TTH during the Spring quarter of her first year as Managing Editor of Scientia. Nila has also served as an E-Pub writer and Director of Marketing. She is also involved with MEDLIFE, Women in Business, and research in the IME on campus.

  • About The Triple Helix E-Pub

    Mission Statement: The goal of The Triple Helix Online is to publish timely, creative, original and accurate commentaries, articles and/or editorials on issues that are most relevant for the scientific, political and social climate of our time. It is the publication's aim to foster interdisciplinary excellence in the life and social sciences by evaluating, through original analysis, the impact that these fields have on society. It is not simply a rehashing of old research, but rather a forum where undergraduate authors can disseminate original and creative thoughts about previously done and ongoing work and research. The blog can also publish reports on conferences taking place at campuses of Triple Helix Chapters around the world, interviews with experts in various fields, or host other types of original, creatively imagined content. The content and style of the blog are therefore different than the longer, more rigorous articles written for The Triple Helix’s print journal. However, the overarching objective remains the development of a publication that will attract a new and loyal readership interested in timely and opinionated discussions of the multitude of intriguing issues and questions that arise at the intersection of science and society.

    Upcoming E-Pub Articles

    Starting Winter 2017, all new E-Pub articles will be uploaded here on our new website! Stay tuned for the upcoming cycle!

  • E-Pub Blog

    Check out the latest articles from our E-Pub Division!

    Stay tuned for our newest articles!

    Epilepsy, or the condition of having recurrent, unprovoked seizures, is among the world’s oldest and most difficult to treat diseases. Documentation of epilepsy’s signs and symptoms goes back nearly 4500 years, and it is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the U.S., with approximately...
    September 29, 2017
    With all eyes on Brazil for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, the growing Zika epidemic made headline after headline. The influx of 11,237 athletes from around the globe in addition to the hundreds of thousands of spectators provided a large vat of susceptible victims for the spreading virus.1 The...
    In its preamble, the World Health Organization defines health as a “… state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”1. In defining health in this way, the treatment of patients is evolving from curing a patient’s physical disease, to...
    Facial recognition is one of the most important skills for successful daily interactions, and it is an automatic process that we often take for granted. However, the mechanisms underlying facial recognition are quite complex, and scientists have been researching how such an intuitive task works....
    Obesity and its associated comorbidities, such as type II diabetes and hypertension, have emerged as a major health problem in the U.S., with over one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults being obese (CDC). The onset of obesity may often be very early in life; therefore, public health agencies must place...
    The brain needs navigational instruments to get around. We need to remember where we have been previously, what the context cues of the given location were and how to get there. This is all a part of our declarative memory system – or memories that we actively and consciously recall. The study of...
    “There is an ache inside that Gordian knot, the brain, which wants to do so much in so many directions.”1 Headaches, now all too familiar to working Americans, have become an irritating symbol of a harried lifestyle. Of the many types of headaches, tension-type headaches (TTH) are the most...
    In June of 1971, President Nixon became the first political figure to declare a national “war on drugs.” The United States had seen an increase in drug use during the sixties with the emergence of the massive counter culture and flower power. Increasingly so, citizens, especially parents, feared...
    The GOP has fallen short of its promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a better plan.   ACA, also nicknamed Obamacare, aimed to make health insurance affordable and decrease the number of uninsured Americans. Some of the act’s provisions include expanding Medicaid,...
    Melanoma is a very common and extremely deadly form of skin cancer that often goes undetected in the early stages of its development. One tiny, harmless-looking mole on a person’s skin could give rise to a continuously dividing mass of cells that forms a tumor. Over time, this tumor can flush the...
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